About Us

Our hair is our style, history (or herstory), personality, and even our culture. I've found our hair to be a way of bonding and socializing with other women.

I've personally been wearing hair extensions for over 27 years. Whenever I tried to find a hair extension company that would deliver excellent customer service and quality products, I found the industry lacking. I also found the entire process exhausting and challenging, often making me frustrated and fearful of buying hair extensions. Usually, I had repeated poor experiences from trying new companies. It seemed like companies were just after my money than actually providing the service they declared they gave. Because of these experiences, I decided to take the negative experience and turn it into a positive one. That is when Herstory Hair was born.

Since I know what it is like to be disappointed by the quality and poor customer service, I have eliminated the frustration and devastation of trying multiple hair companies. I've already done the research and tested the product, so you don't have to. I've handpicked the highest quality of raw Cambodian, raw Indian, and Virgin hair extension manufacturers.

Herstory Hair was created to be more than just a hair company. Our company is a supportive environment for women to grow through connecting. We encourage one another and support growth through sharing our personal stories. I am proud of the effort and commitment that went into making this dream a reality, but more than anything, I'm proud of the connections I've made along the way. The women I've met have been outstanding individuals who have provided immeasurable support and inspiration. Now, being able to return the joy that they gave to me is a gift that will never stop giving.


To give a seamless customer experience by providing long lasting luxury hair extensions and excellent customer service.

Welcome to the Queendom!

- Jasmine


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