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Herstory Hair

Cambodian Curly

Cambodian Curly

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Our Cambodian Curly is luscious, carefree and bouncy. Because curly hair is very rare in Cambodian culture, this collection is steamed curly without the use of harsh chemicals. Double drawn for intense luster and density. Bundles are naturally soft with no dry ends. Single donor hair results in minimal shed and matting.

Why the Queens love our Cambodian curly:

  • Manageable and Voluminous
  • Perfect for wash and go
  • Can be straightened without losing its curl pattern
  • No need for heavy styling products
  • Can be used for multiple installs

*With proper maintenance *care*, our bundles can last up to 4 years

* Lengths up to 18 inches, we recommend 2-3 bundles

* Lengths 20 > we recommend 3-5 bundles

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Herstory Hair

At Herstory Hair, we pride ourselves on providing luxury hair extensions for your everyday look. Since we hand-pick each of our tresses, you no longer have to worry about wasting money on poor quality hair.