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Cambodian Clip-Ins

Cambodian Clip Ins: Tips and Facts

Clip-in hair extensions are gaining popularity for celebrity-like hairstyles, while spending less money and without damaging natural hair. Our team put together these clip-in extension' facts and tips on the best ways to wear them. Now, "Herstory Hair" is ready to share all tips and facts about clip-ins extensions, especially when it's Cambodian. So, let's start! 

1. What Are Clip-in Hair Extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are hair wefts that have clips attached to them. "Clips" in the hair extensions are responsible for installing them. Commonly, one set of clip-ins has wefts of different widths. The number of clips on a weft depends on the width of the weft. Traditionally, a clip-in weft has a maximum of four clips and a minimum of 1 clip.

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2. Tips to Wear Clip-in Extensions Flawlessly:

How to Blend Hair Extensions?

After installing Cambodian clip-ins to your crown, brush the hair thoroughly. Next, straighten out your hair with a straightener in a manner that your natural hair and extension hair should involve in every section that you are straightening or curling. Thiswill make clip-ins nicely blended in.

How to Make Clip-in Extensions Stays in Place for Longer?

The simplest tip to keep clip-ins in place for longer is to backcomb the hair where you will secure the extension's clips. Backcombing will create a texture that will contribute to providing a long-lasting hold. 

If your hair is thin, you should use "volumizing powder" before backcombing.

How to Avoid an Unnatural Look with Clip-in Hair Extensions?

Install hair extensions slightly diagonal or at an angle rather than straight on the sides.

 Short Hair? No Problem! 

Everyone thinks they can't blend clip-ins in short hair. But they can, and it will look natural. Here's how.

Apply clip-in hair extensions with the shortest distance between, meaning stack them up. This method will not make short-length hair prominent when you blend-in and style hair extensions with your hair. 

3. Pros of Clip-Ins 

Clips-ins Are the least damaging to your hair: 

Improper installation of  hair extensions have been  notorious for causing hair thinning and thinning edges. But there is no such case with clip-in extensions; these are totally damage-free. But make sure to install them with care and take care of your natural hair when extensions are installed. 

 Clip-ins Are Affordable. 

Among all hair extensions, clip-ins are the most affordable. Clips can be styled with minimal effort. Both of these features make it a good investment option even for beginners too. 

4. Why our Cambodian Clip-Ins?

Best for newbies because it is easy to install and easy to remove. One can open and close the clips with a snap or click to install and remove the clip-in hair extensions.

Cambodian clip-in hair extensions are very lightweight.

Cambodian hair texture is coarse. This is why it blends seamlessly with our natural hair, and why they hold a long-lasting curl.

Moreover, Cambodian hair is so strong that it can bear heat and hair dyes without affecting its quality. 

Furthermore, Cambodian hair is naturally luxurious (silky, smooth, and shiny). Check out genuine Cambodian clip-ins.

Herstory Hair offers raw Cambodian hair that will shed less, break less, tangle less, and last longer. 

So, why need to look any further? Make a seamless purchase of your favorite texture clip-ins

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