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Cuticle Aligned Hair

What Is Cuticle Aligned Hair? 

When talking about purchasing hair, you may have heard 'cuticle-aligned hair.' Now you want to know what it means. Why do people want to have this hair? What benefits do these kinds of hair have? Where can you get them, and how can you check if the hair is what it claims to be?

Don't worry; read the blog to the very end. We explain everything about cuticle-aligned hair, and you'll be an expert in judging hair next time. So, let's start.

What Is "Cuticle Aligned Hair"?

To know this word exactly, you need to understand the terms used in this word.

The First Is "Cuticle." Our natural hair has three layers: medulla, cortex, and cuticle. The cuticle is the outermost layer of hair. It protects the inner layers from damage. You can see the cuticle layer with the microscope; it looks like multiple layers of scales or shilling on a roof.

Now, What Does It Mean for The Cuticle to Be Aligned?

Each hair on our head is in the same direction as it grows, like the top at the top and ends at the ends. So, if it is arranged or cut like that, in the direction as it grows, then cuticles are aligned.

Why Is It Necessary to Have Aligned Cuticles on Hair?

Cuticles are also the reason to seal moisture in the hair. If these are in one direction, it will give your hair a silky and smooth look. Because of 'aligned cuticles,' our hair doesn't tangle or matt after washing. 

Are all 'Cuticle Aligned Hair,' Virgin or Remy Hair?

A straight answer to this question is "Yes."

When you talk about the alignment of the cuticles, that means cuticles are present in hair and are intact.

Remy hair and virgin hair are collected from one donor. Before cutting hair from the scalp, hair is tied in a rubber band as it grows, meaning top at the top ends at ends, to keep cuticles in the same direction. During the process of cutting and preparing hair to sell, cuticles will remain intact and not be stripped. This will prevent hair from matting and severe tangles.

Do all Hair Retailers Provide Cuticle Aligned Hair?

No. Many companies don’t have cuticle-aligned hair because their hair is collected from the floor. So they soak hair in a Silicon (chemical) bathtub to give a wig, extension, or bundle a sleek and extraordinary shine. It gives hair a shiny appearance but strips off the cuticles. That shiny appearance lasts for a few weeks, and the hair becomes completely dull and dry after a few washes, then the hair will start matting, tangling terribly.

So, how can you find out the hair you are getting is cuticle aligned and virgin or remy hair. Scroll down to know.


● Hair has a natural appearance and shine, looks and feels soft and healthy.

● Hair will not tangle with just brushing. No severe hair knots.

● Hair will not be matted.

● Hair will last longer and have a good appearance.

Easy Way to Check If the Hair Has Aligned Cuticle:

Cuticles can only remain intact if the hair is not chemically processed. To check that, take a good density of hair, place its ends on the base. If the color of the ends is not lighter than the base, it means the hair is processed, and cuticles are not intact and not virgin hair.

Pick a strand or two, run your lighter pinch grip downward; it will feel smoother. Now, run your lighter pinch grip upward; if it feels rough, it means cuticles are present, and it's a remy hair.

Does Herstory Hair Offers Cuticle Aligned Hair?

Yes, Herstory Hair provides the best luxurious cuticle-aligned hair to serve customers with integrity. We don’t collect hair from the floor but use manufacturers that cut hair directly from the donor’s scalp. That's why we have an abundance of returning customers.  So, order quality hair from Herstory hair now, you will be satisfied and find us trustworthy to deliver optimal hair without worry.

Cambodian luxurious hair collection

Indian luxurious hair collection

The virgin hair collection Closure,

Wig Collection

Go ahead, purchase and flatter your style with this hair Queen!

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24 Apr 2024 Deb B

This is the best informed explanation that I have ever read! Thank you!

23 Jul 2022 Georgia tourismTbilisi

Great web site you’ve got here.. It’s difficult to find quality writing like yours nowadays.
I really appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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