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Ultimate guide For Hair Extension Care: Tips for Long Lasting Beauty

Regardless of short, long, or medium hair, extensions are the Queen's favorite to switch their look. Whether you're adding color, volume or length, we are unlocking some easy, exciting tips and tricks to care for hair extensions that will make your life easy, whether you are a new or old user of hair extensions.
Tips on Care for Hair Extensions
Proper Install: When it comes to having hair extensions lasting, you can't ignore the installation process of extensions. A lousy install can damage your natural hair, and keep you from reinstalling your hair extensions. Moreover, you may need to remove the extensions before the estimated time.
Shampoo: Always shampoo your hair extensions before the install. This will free up any dirt or dust from the hair being in warehouses. This will help hold curls and aid in the hair moving freely. Stiff where? Not Herstory Hair! To get the best looking style and manageability, shampoo the extensions when there is a build up of products. Always use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner regardless of your hair extension type. When applying shampoo, focus on roots to remove excess oil. When conditioning, apply on hair strands to keep them healthy looking. Do not use hot water to rinse out the conditioner. Always use cool water to retain moisture and shine. Otherwise, you will have dry and frizzy hair extensions. You can wash your natural hair when extensions are installed; there are no restrictions. However, do not wash your hair after extensions installation for 24 to 72 hours or as advised by the stylist.
Air Dry: Always air-dry your hair extensions after shampooing and conditioning. this will make them last longer and retain moisture. Using blow-dryers, straighteners, and curling irons can lead to hair breakage and lack of moisture. Always use a good heat protectant to keep your extensions shining and damage free.
Comb Gently: Combing or detangling should be done gently to ensure that the hair extensions will not tangle. Whether you have tangles in your hair or not, harsh combing hurts your extensions' bonds and damages the roots. Moreover, it leads to excessive shedding of extensions. So, to make extensions last longer, we recommend starting combing from hair ends and then gradually going upward to the roots.
Proper Storage: The storing of hair extensions is not usually considered on the list of importance when taking care of one's hair extensions. But safely storing hair extensions is extremely important for reuse later. Keep the extension in satin or silk cloth/case to avoid friction between strands; otherwise, it'll become brittle. Herstory hair supplies you with this. If you have colored our extensions, store them in a cool and dark place where sunlight does not reach directly, this will help the color not to fade.
Moisture Regularly: As hair extensions do not contain natural oils and nutrients, they need external moisture to remain healthy-looking. Therefore, moisturizing hair extensions regularly is a wise choice in care for hair extensions. Remember, whatever product you are applying, do not apply too much. It will give your extensions a gooey (soft, sticky) feeling.
Use Satin or Silk Scarf on The Head: The best way to prevent hair extensions from dryness and tangles is to cover your hair in a satin or silk scarf or bonnet when sleeping. For this, wrap the scarf and tie around the circumference of your head and then tie around from the back and fasten at your forehead area. Doing this will keep your hair in the same direction and prevent tangling. 
Hair Extension Quality: Hair extensions' quality is the most important. If the hair is not quality or composed of synthetic materials, none of this will really matter. If you purchase low quality or synthetic hair extensions, the hair and style will not last, period. In Short, your hard-earned money will be wasted. Herstory Hair cares about you and offers high-quality virgin and raw hair extensions that are easy to manage like your own hair, and properly managing them will last you years to come!
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